Investment Performance

Investment performance is calculated since inception on 5th August 2016. Investment performance is calculated based on the change in Net Asset Value (NAV) per Unit using logarithmic return concept. Net asset value (NAV) is the value of an entity’s assets minus the value of its liabilities as known in open-end mutual funds.  NAV per unit when the partnership was started is Rp 1,000.00 per unit.

There are several costs related to investment management process; management fee is 1.00% p.a. calculated daily, brokerage fees are 0.18% of purchasing value and 0.28% of selling value (including tax).

NAV per Unit as of 12 December 2017 = Rp 1,043.68

A. Historical NAV & NAV per Unit since Inception


B. Cummulative Performance of Portfolio vs Indexes since Inception

vs indeks

C. Cummulative Performance of Portfolio vs Sharia Equity Funds since Inception

vs funds