Our Story

Pratama Investments is started out of a desire from the founder to start a business that would support him and his family after retirement. Unfortunately, given his busy schedule as employee and his lack of creativity, he decided that starting a business from scratch is not an option for him.

After careful consideration on several alternatives, finally he set out to deploy his own capital investing directly in the stock market. In his mind, by investing in public companies, he doesn’t need to create or produce a product or service. Additionally, he also argues that by investing in the stock market, he can participate in a good or great businesses that have long term competitive advantages with relatively small amount of investments.

On the other side, he also understands that he can’t expect a big payout from his investments due to the fact that the biggest portion of growth in business value would only be enjoyed by business founders and early investors. However, finger crossed, he still expects that he would be able to enjoy better return than the market given the fact that good or even great business were most of the time sold way below its intrinsic value when a stock market panic is coupled with bad news about the businesses. The key is to find good and great businesses that sell way below its intrinsic value.

With his own funds and also some small participation from his relatives and close friends, he finally started Pratama InvestmentsĀ in the second half of 2016. Currently, Pratama Investments only manages personal funds of the founder, his relatives and close friends.