Our Approach

In general, our investment approach is value investing. Specifically, we focus on seeking high quality companies in term of its economics, management team and competitive advantages and trying to accumulate our shares of ownership at reasonable price with some level of margin of safety. On the other side, we will never speculate in fundamentally weak businesses regardless of the price.

Below are our investment rules of thumb :

  1. Investing only in sharia-compliance companies which are included in Indonesia Sharia Stock Index (ISSI).

  2. Investing for the long term with specific vision to be able to hand over the partnership to the next generation. We will only sell our investment in the event of personal liquidity needs or changing fundamental aspects of investee.

  3. Investing in businesses that historically generate high return on equity (RoE) and have no or relatively small debt.

  4. Investing in businesses managed by a team of highly talented individuals with good characters.

  5. Investing in businesses that have growth potential or posses excellent capital allocation skill.

  6. Investing in businesses that sell at reasonable price or lower than its intrinsic value based on our own approach.